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Grannfordon is a vehicle-sharing platform that connects owners and renters in Sweden. Convenient and hassle-free, it enables customers to rent vehicles within their neighborhood, while giving opportunity to owners to make money by renting out theirs. At Grannfordon, vehicle rental has never been this easy and effortless.

Once you come to our platform, you need to sign up and make an account. Then, enter the details regarding the location, time, and duration. After adding the details, you will be able to arrange the vehicle in the nearest neighborhood. You can get in touch with the owner and travel in a car wherever you like. As a driver, you can search for the available vehicle in the area for doing the chores. However, as a vehicle owner, you will be empowered to earn easy money if the vehicle is free and available for someone else’ use. The app is developed with the keyless technology that enables the drivers to unlock the cars to take on the ride and owners can lock it once the car is in the garage!


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